About Rasheed Kamel

Rasheed Kamel is an art & design collector and regional patron of the arts, he is also a practicing lawyer, and senior partner at Al Kamel Law, a Legal500 firm where he heads the M&A, banking and finance divisions.  

Kamel’s passion and commitment to the arts runs deep; fascinated by art and design from childhood, his curiosity was whetted by a medley of creative talents from his maternal family, exposing him to a world of writers, poets, fashion designers and artists from an early age.  Rasheed finally took the plunge and exhibited his own talent for painting during his college years at the American University in Cairo.  

Talent aside, Rasheed’s true calling was to be a collector, his way of preserving and acknowledging Egypt and the region’s rich artistic past, and its historic role in shaping the world of art, design and craftsmanship.  In Rasheed Kamel’s view, it is this prosperous history that needs to be acknowledged, respected and documented, creating a base from which future creativity can thrive. Providing regional and Egyptian artists, designers and creatives a sure footing and confidence in their collective design history.

Having spent his formative years in Egypt, Rasheed was entrenched in a rich culture of art and design that was impacted by many; French, British, Italian, Greek, Coptic and Islamic. From the greatest cities of Egypt to the smallest villages, Rasheed’s creative sensitivity and sharp eye allowed him to appreciate the influence of these various cultures on the art & design scene.  His observations and understanding of this world were further strengthened once he left Egypt for his higher education, allowing him a bird’s eye view of Egypt and region on the international level. It is this perspective which set forth a determination to support the Egyptian and regional art & design scene, with the aim of restoring their rightful place in the art history of the world.  

Today Rasheed Kamel is considered one of the region’s leading collectors of art and collectible design.  His collection, housed at his private residence in Cairo is a diverse collective of modern and contemporary art, 18th and 19th century furniture in addition to highly sought after antiques which he acquired over the past 20 years.  The common thread running through all his pieces is one of character and curiosity, each piece tells a story, asks a question or piques an interest.

Rasheed Kamel’s latest endeavor in the world of art & design is Le Lab Atelier, a collectible design gallery which will open its doors in October 2021 at The Walk of Cairo.  The first of its kind in Egypt, Kamel’s mission for Le Lab is to introduce and educate the Egyptian public on collectible design by inviting esteemed artists and designers the world over to exhibit at the gallery.  On a regional level, Le Lab is slated to become a highly regarded destination for collectible design.  

Rasheed Kamel is a proud patron of Art d’Egypt, a highly acclaimed international art exhibition which he has supported since its inception, and serves on its advisory board. He is also part of the Collector’s Circle at Art Dubai which he often attends in his capacity as art & design collector.  Rasheed has also participated in Intersect24, where he has endorsed a number of artists under the Le Lab brand.  Kamel resides in Cairo, Egypt with his wife and children where he practices law.