Le Lab is a contemporary and collectible design gallery founded by Egyptian Art and Design collector Rasheed Kamel. With his deep understanding of the past, and aspirations for the future of the Egyptian and regional art and design scene, Kamel’s vision for Le Lab is an ambitious one; to re-explore the way in which collectible design is interpreted in our region today.

A movement questioning the boundaries created between art, design and architecture. At Le Lab, contemporary and collectible design is a language; it tells a story of our historic past, tales of major societal events and the way in which they were perceived. It is a means to understanding our common humanity and the important regional and international influences on our heritage. Allowing us to question our present, and plan for a more influential and dominant role for our region in the future.

It is also a place to experiment, discover and explore the untapped areas found today in our quest to identify and differentiate between the three fields of art, design and architecture.

Le Lab’s multi-disciplinary approach, collaborating with some of the region’s greatest and brightest artists, designers, artisans and architects promises to challenge our understanding of the contemporary design scene both locally and regionally, promoting an enriching exchange of ideas and influences. Serving as a petri dish of creativity and discovery, Le Lab hopes to crystallize pre-conceived notions and standards, shedding a fresh and courageous light on contemporary and collective design, its meaning and possibilities. Allowing us to reformulate our personal understanding of art, design and architecture in a more inclusive and liberating way.