Khaled Zaki

About Khaled Zaki
Khaled Zaki (b. 1964, Suez, Egypt) is an international multidisciplinary visual artist known for his accomplished sculptures, paintings and functional designs.
His work draws upon numerous sources, ranging from ancient Egyptian statuary, Italian renaissance sculpture, and the legacy of Egyptian modernism. He holds a Master's in Restoration from the Faculty of Archaeology at Cairo University and studied Sculpture at the Al Khonany Museum of Art in Giza. During the period from 1988 until 1997, Zaki followed his university education with an extended stay in Pietrasanta also known as the “City of Artists” where he amassed his extensive knowledge and formal skill in the processes of making sculpture.
Zaki won several prizes in painting and sculpture Including the International Artist prize from Art Taipei, Taiwan, 2015. As well as participating in numerous global exhibitions and biennales, including the 55th international Venice Biennial (2013) and the 7th Beijing International Biennale (2017).
Khaled Zaki’s works can be found in The British museum, London - UK, The Egyptian Museum for Modern Art - Cairo, The Egyptian Museum for Modern Sculpture - Aswan and in private collections in Belgium, Germany, USA, UK, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Taiwan, Kuwait, KSA, Oman and UAE.