A series of carafe / jugs / soliflore and table lamps.
Made of solid brushed brass and a very thin hand blown borosilicate glass mixed together to form one dramatically enchanting unit.
The metamorphosed glass jug imitates the shape of the brass rod and covers half of this element in a sensational way.
The main purpose is a firm base to maintain the stability of the entire design but definitely with a message behind; “protect yourself”, safe sex is absolutely essential to avoid unwanted consequences.
A very neat contrast between the materials used light / heavy, transparent / dense, weak / strong reflects the male’s and female‘s organs represented as a daily useful object.
Plugged is a sort of continuation in a way to our previous Glory Holes soliflore/table, I am trying to explore the Phallique shape and studying it from different angles, working on a certain philosophy or a story, I’m trying to work on how often I can incorporate it in our daily objects, but in a concealed way, making people using those objects for the daily propose, holding a piece of art which they usually classify it under a title “taboo”. The shape is helping me to create actually appealing objects yet very functional.